2018 Award Winners:

Deal of the Year- LKQD

Outstanding Emerging Technology Company- Site 1001

Outstanding Private Technology Company- Mavenlink

Outstanding Private Tech Company CEO- Ladeira Poonian, iBASEt

Outstanding Public Technology Company- CoreLogic

Outstanding Public Tech Company CEO- Dean Stoecker, Alteryx

Outstanding Technology Innovation in a Consumer Product- Soft Health Technologies

Outstanding Innovation in MedTech/ Life Sciences- Bonti

Outstanding Technology Innovation in Software- NcompassTrac

VC of the Year- Okapi Venture Capital

2017 Award Winners:

Best Community Engagement Company- Alteryx

Best Culture/ Management/ Motive Company- Arbitech

Best Device/ Hardware Company- HyperX

Best Digital Communications Company- MeU Care

Best Digital Strategy Company- CiE Digital Labs

Best Healthcare Company- Sonendo

Best Horizontal Disruption Company- Bio Largo

Best Intelligent Data Analytics Company- IN CIRCL

Best Intrepreneurship Company- Swift Engineering

Best Medical Technology Company-  Vertos Medical

Best Software Company- Birch Street Systems

2016 Award Winners:

Outstanding CEO in Emerging Technology Company- Brian Meshkin, Proove Biosciences

Outstanding CEO in Private Technology Company- Jeff Erle, MobilityWare

Outstanding Private Technology Company- Mavenlink

Outstanding Emerging Technology Company- Verismic Software

Outstanding Public Technology Company- Skyworks Solutions, Inc.

Outstanding Technology innovation in CleanTech/ GreenTech- Smart Utility Systems, Smart Consumer Mobile

Technology Innovation in Cloud/SaaS/Web platform Solutions- Numecent- Cloudpaging

Technology Innovation in Consumer Devices & Software- D-Link Systems, Inc- Full HD 180-Degree Wi-Fi Camera (DCS-2630L)

Technology Innovation in Cyber Security- Sekur Me, Inc.- Sekur Login

Technology Innovation Enterprise Software- CGTech- VERICUT Composite Applications

Technology Innovation in Medical Technology- Modulated Imaging, Inc. - Ox-Imager CS

Technology Innovation in Mobile Technology- Acorns Grow Inc. - Acorns

2015 Award Winners:

Outstanding Public Company CEO- Paul Arling, Universal Electronics, Inc

Outstanding Private Company CEO- Raymond Grainger, Mavenlink

Public Outstanding Technology Company- Microsemi

Private Outstanding Technology Company- Syspro

Outstanding Clean Tech/ Green Tech- Blossom, Blossom Smart Sprinkler Controller

Outstanding Cloud/ SaaS/ Web Platform Solutions- Corent Technology, Corent SurPass®

Outstanding Consumer Devices & Software- Insteon, Insteon Hub

Outstanding Cybersecurity- Cylance Inc, CylancePROTECT

Outstanding Enterprise Hardware & Device- Microsemi, Microsemi Integrated GNSS Master Sync Solution

Outstanding Mobile & Wearable Technology- Lexmark, Lexmark Mobile Capture

Outstanding Medical Technology- Technossus, Helix Laboratory Information Management System

Outstanding Semiconductors- ClariPhy, LightSPeed-II CL 20010

2014 Award Winners:

Outstanding Company in CleanTech/ Green Tech- ViridiSTOR LLC- ViridiSTOR Solution

Outstanding Cloud/ SaaS/ Web Platform Solutions- WD (a Western Digital Company)- My Personal Cloud

Outstanding Consumer Devices and Software Category- SensyTouch, Inc- Projected Capacitive multi-touch Screen

Outstanding Cybersecurity- Sekur.me, Inc.- Sekur Me

Outstanding Enterprise Hardware & Device- Airwolf 3D- Airwolf 3D HDx

Outstanding Enterprise Software Category- Levyx, Inc.- Helium ™

Outstanding Mobile & Wearable Technology Category- Martian Watches, Martian Notifier

Outstanding Semiconductors- Conexant- CX20921 Far Field Voice/ Speech Processing SOC

Outstanding Technology Large Company- WD (a Western Digital Company)

Outstanding Technology Mid-Size Company- Telogis

Outstanding Technology Large Company CEO- James J. Peterson- Microsemi

Outstanding Technology Mid-Size Company- Simon Arkell, Predixion Software

2013 Award Winners:

Outstanding CEO- James F. Mulato, Present EADS North America Test and Services, a division of EADS North America

Outstanding Technology Company- Emulex Corp

Innovative Technology in Cloud Computing/ SaaS- Alteryx Inc., Strategic Analytics

Innovative Hardware Device- Digital Video Enterprises (DVE) Inc., 3d Immersive Telepresence

Innovative Green Technology- Iteris Inc., Vantage SmartCycle

Innovative Mobile Solutions- Telogis Inc., Telogis Platform

Innovative Security- Arkami Inc., MyIDkey

Innovative Semiconductor- Microsemi Corp, SmartFusion2 SoC FPGA

Innovative Software- Emerald logic, FACET Software